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Energy Integration sessions are designed to integrate or unify all Subtle Bodies. The universe and the spiritual Hierarchy are mirrored in us through many subtle bodies. We have, the physical body/the etheric body, which is made of ether or life-energy; the astral body, which is the body of concrete consciousness shaped by the psyche; the mental body, which is the body of abstract consciousness perceived by pure awareness, which opens on realms of experience not bounded by space and time; and the spiritual or causal body named also the Light body, which is the root of consciousness and the innermost essence of the Soul.

As with the levels of the macrocosm, each body can be seen as governing the body "below" it -- that is, denser or more material than itself; thus, for example, the astral body is shaped and directed by the mental body, and in turn shapes and directs the etheric body. Each of these parts of the Soul has its own nature and functions, and its own role in the awakening process.

Most of the time we walk through life unaware that our Subtle bodies are out of alignment with each other. In order to achieve complete manifestation at all levels, these bodies must work in unison. The first session of integration contains an assessment of how all your bodies are. Based on this assessment, the practitioner will treat the main areas first. Practitioner will use Sacred Geometry, Reiki, Light Touch, Polarity, Cosmic Meridian Re-connection, Tapping, Crystal Healing, and Aromatherapy among other healing modalities.Some of the Benefits of Energy Integration:

Physical Energy, Clarity of Thought, Balanced reactions, Instant Manifestation, Balance, Health Improvement and consistency, Better Communication, Connection with Universal Life Force, Development of Patience and the release of anxiety, Communication with Your guides/angels, Meditation, New Vision/Perspective, Feeling Centered

Energy Integration Sessions

  • Each session is 30 minutes remote scanning and 30 minutes phone consultation. Energy Integration is a process that will require more than one session, it is an open journey into our innermost selves requiring utmost commitment.

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