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Chevron Amethyst is a stone of divine connection, purification, and assists in the releasing of attachments. It transmutes low frequency energy into a higher frequency of energy. Chevron Amethyst also relieves anxiety and stress, and aids in connecting with your Spiritual Guides. Because it is Chevron Amethyst and not just Amethyst, it has additional, enhanced, and more powerful healing properties that are especially notable when working with the higher chakras, being: the third eye, the crown, and linking the two together to assist in manifesting, being able to see and create new paths, it enhances psychic abilities, heals these energy centers, and assists with energetic ascensions--while being incredibly protective and calming.

(this listing is for one piece of natural, unpolished Chevron Amethyst, approximately .75"-1" in size, intuitively selected for you)

Chevron Amethyst (Rough/Raw)

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